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Those who know me personally or have met me during my years of working in the Irish digital marketing, journalism and travel industries will vouch for my love of writing. A deep passion for putting pen to paper began when I was very young and has stuck with me to this day. I have flourished as a travel writer and digital marketing in recent years whilst working for large, reputable brands in Ireland such as Low Cost Holidays, The Travel Corporation and Click&Go.

Most recently, I have taken a leap of faith having quit my job and have embarked on a massive travel adventure that has so far brought me to Cuba and now to Australia where I will backpack and work for the next year before I head to Asia. During this time, I will be a travelling digital nomad and am offering my writing skills and marketing services to travel agencies and websites around the world, most notably Ireland.

My background in Journalism has greatly contributed to my passion and experience in the writing field and I have written extensively for Irish publications most notably the Irish Independent, FIT magazine and Metro Herald.


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Most business owners these days are so busy that social media marketing gets pushed down the list of priorities. However, in order to keep up with online behaviour and consumer trends, it is essential to have regularly updated social media channels. I am highly skilled in content creation, online targeting, data reporting and management of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. My previous employers and clients whose businesses have benefited from my work have seen an increase of up to 150k profit per month and thousands of new online followers.



Blogging comes naturally to me as does my flair for words and intricate eye for detail, grammar and spelling. A website with a healthy blog of consistent, unique articles with accompanying visuals of images and video is a huge asset to any thriving business and is a must have. I can create blogs from scratch on any host website of your choice and create content that is relevant to your brand and target audience.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of working together, don’t hesitate in contacting me!

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Lainey Quinn

Aka Little Miss Sunray