The first port of call on my travels is Cuba! I will holidaying around this vibrant, unmissable gem of a country in South America with my dad and sister before I break away and head for Sydney, Australia! Get ready for cigar and salsa tales, funky cars, pastel houses and flamenco dancing!

This ladies and gentlemen, is where the fun begins!


Havana Cuba Little Miss Sunray

“Due to fog in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, your flight will be delayed by 6 hours”. Just what you want to hear while trying to depart from Dublin Airport on a trip of a lifetime! Read on…


We made it to Trinidad from Havana after a hairy 6 hour car ride! The police pulled us over, we drove through a massive rain storm, the speedometer was stuck on 20mph, we drove past cowboys and bulls, horses and ducks and saw a few eagles! Read on…


Our travels in Cuba brought us from Trinidad to Santa Clara for one day and night, a quirky town with strong vibes of liberation and self expression. During the 24 hours we spent in here, we immersed ourselves in the history of Che Guevara which wasn’t hard to do as it was the eve of his 50th anniversary. Read on…


Two currencies, street cigars, WiFi cards and taxi bartering are just a few things you need to bear in mind when travelling to Cuba. Having just spent two weeks in this beautiful country, I have a bunch of tips to share with you. Read on…