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Who is Little Miss Sunray’s No. 1 Fan?

We all have that number one fan that always told us we had a talent and to never stop writing. For me, that person was my granny. It started off with the poems. Full of teenage angst, love and heartbreak – she read every single one of the 256 poems I wrote during my late

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Travel Vaccinations for Australia, Cuba & Asia

Did you know there is a global shortage of the Hepatitis A vaccine? I booked an appointment with the Talbot Clinic last week and quickly realised the process of getting my jabs would be far from smooth. Not only did I learn that you must get the Hepatitis B in three courses but also it

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Top Sights to See When in Rome

When in Rome, you will find yourself constantly in awe of the incredible architecture, dolce vita lifestyle, artistic compositions and vibrant street life. It’s the prime city to visit for a romantic getaway with a loved one and I would highly recommend it as a couple’s city break rather than a family holiday or group holiday

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