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Visiting S-21 Torture Prison in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

5 Facts about the Khmer Rouge Cambodia’s communist movement emerged from the anti-colonial struggle against France in the 1940s. The Khmer Rouge’s aim was to establish a classless communist state based on a rural agrarian economy and a complete rejection of the free market and capitalism. Until 1977, the party’s top leadership worked in secret,

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Who is Little Miss Sunray’s No. 1 Fan?

We all have that number one fan that always told us we had a talent and to never stop writing. For me, that person was my granny. It started off with the poems. Full of teenage angst, love and heartbreak – she read every single one of the 256 poems I wrote during my late

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Finding a Job and Accommodation in Sydney

You might think it’s easy to get a job and find accommodation in Sydney due to its sheer size and endless options but don’t get ahead of yourself. Many people make the mistake of landing in Sydney and getting caught up in the lights, music and nightlife culture and all of a sudden realise their

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Why You Should Do Your Australian Farmwork in Tully

Banana Barracks – Tully Farm Work - Irish Travel Blogger – Lainey Quinn – Little Miss Sunray

After five months, I have finally completed my rural work in Tully, Australia and will now be eligible for a second year working holiday visa. YES!! This tiny town hidden away in tropical Queensland is a place like no other and the memories I gathered during my time there will stay with me forever. Find out

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