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What I Loved Most About Vivid Sydney Festival

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It was my first year at Vivid Sydney. Many people who had been to it in previous years didn’t seem highly bothered about going back to it this year. But guaranteed, I’ll be back down at the harbour on Day 1 of the festival in 2019, coffee in hand, waiting for my life to light up again with so many bursts of colour (check out the photos below)!

The festival ran for a month – plenty of time to go to it three times but even then, I would have liked to go again. Never in my life have I seen so many LED lights in such an intricate, organised, incredible display of colour. Hats off to the organisers, lighting technicians, engineers, construction workers and anyone else who was involved in the production.

There was one point where I was standing down by Circular Quay directly opposite the Opera House. There was a huge speaker right behind me that was providing sound effects for the visuals that were being displayed on the Opera House which was over 1km away across a river!!

The Botanical Gardens was a major highlight, especially the pond with the smoke, lights and audio stories. And it was nice to be able to relax in the comfortable outdoor bar and sip on a cold Heineken watching the world go by.

I can’t talk about Vivid Sydney without mentioning the food stalls. Perhaps the phrase “the Sydney Stone” derives from the festival itself because whoever planned the food options definitely put a lot of effort into picking the tastiest, most calorific, stalls of mouth-watering goodies. These magnificent choices included Stroop Bros, which I was told to try out by a Dutch friend of mine. I got half a warm, caramel-oozing waffle and half an ice-cream and cookie sandwich with Oreo flakes. It was indescribably magical.

Actually, maybe that’s the first place I’ll head to when the festival kicks off again in 2019!

See you there!



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