Who is Little Miss Sunray’s No. 1 Fan?

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IMG-20170112-WA0000.jpgWe all have that number one fan that always told us we had a talent and to never stop writing. For me, that person was my granny.

It started off with the poems. Full of teenage angst, love and heartbreak – she read every single one of the 256 poems I wrote during my late teens. But through her encouragement and my passion for putting pen to paper, my poetry actually became kind of good and I sometimes even felt confident enough to submit some poems into competitions, one even one an award.

My poetry writing ended when i started studying and practising being a journalist. After doing a few free shifts as a reporter with the Metro Herald paper back in Dublin, I joined them as a staff writer. At the same time I was being commissioned articles for the Irish Independent, FIT magazine, other magazine. My granny had every copy of my articles.

I told her about my dreams about becoming a war correspondent and writing about the truth of war. She made me always believe in myself and have confidence, something I sometimes lack.

My career in journalism faded as soon as I soon I realised what journalism actually was. Between the front page entertainment headlines and the cheap shots the paparazzi take of celebrities and the ludicrous amount of real news lacking in nearly every “newspaper”, journalism was over for me.

Digital marketing caught my eye then and I hurtled myself into the travel industry specialising in content creation, research and Analytics. After marketing so many destinations, one day I decided it was time to check the places out for myself.

And that’s how Little Miss Sunray became to be. I set up this travel blog to continue my passion for writing and I’m sure my number 1 is still reading it, even from high up in the sky!



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