Finding a Job and Accommodation in Sydney

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You might think it’s easy to get a job and find accommodation in Sydney due to its sheer size and endless options but don’t get ahead of yourself. Many people make the mistake of landing in Sydney and getting caught up in the lights, music and nightlife culture and all of a sudden realise their bank account is nearly empty. Set your priorities straight and don’t fall into the trap of spending money when you’re not making an income. Until you find a job, set yourself weekly budgets and save money where you can until then. Check out my tips below for finding work and accommodation in Sydney!

As always, feel free to reach out to me directly and if I can give you any more tips or advice I most certainly will! 🙂 

Finding a Job in Sydney

The first place to start is to spruce up your CV so it will make you stand out against the other competitors. It might be a big city with lots of jobs but remember there are hundreds of other people looking at the same jobs as you on an hourly basis. Make sure it is clean and professional looking and has your Australian mobile number on it. Browse the various websites and Facebook pages that many backpackers will get jobs through. Here are five of the best sites I would recommend for finding a job in Sydney:
The Sydney Bartender Exchange
ETM Australia

There are lots of industries that accept applications from backpackers on working holiday visas which include sales and marketing, retail, hospitality and construction. Due to the booming construction industry, its easy for men to get jobs once they obtain their white card and any other necessary tickets. Women can also get jobs in the construction industry but there aren’t as many jobs on offer. Female backpackers tend to get jobs as traffic controllers which also requires a white card, but the job pays well, and hours are flexible. There are plenty of jobs in sales and marketing and there are constantly signs outside restaurants and cafes looking for bartenders and waitresses.

Bear in mind travellers on a working holiday visa can only stay with the one employer for up to six months at a time. That is, unless you work your socks off and get sponsored, then you can stay for as long as you like and maybe even apply for Australian residency.

Finding Accommodation in Sydney

Due to the sheer size of Sydney, there are plenty of options for accommodation that suit all types of budgets. Do you want to live in the heart of bustling Sydney CBD within arm’s reach of all the clubs, bars and shops? Or perhaps you prefer the serenity and beauty of romantic Bondi Beach? Either way, the options are endless and you will have no problem finding somewhere to rest your head after a day of applying for jobs. If you are looking for accommodation in the centre of the city I would recommend Wake Up or Hump hostel and if you opt for a haven in Bondi Beach stay at the Village Hostel. Prefer to keep searching? Check out these top three links:

Irish Around Sydney
Sydney Flatmates/House share/Roomshare/Accommodation
Sydney Flat & Flatmates, House Share & Lease Transfers

Prices vary depending on what suburb you decide to live in but a hostel will usually cost between $150-$200 per week for a shared room and rent prices are double that. For a private room in a shared house in Bondi Beach, expect to pay around $350 per week and the bond is usually 3-4 weeks rent. For those who opt for less expensive suburbs in Sydney, the rent prices will drop dramatically but remember travel costs from these suburbs into the city or to work could set you back at least $100 per week.

What to do if you start running out of money?

Do a bit of online hunting and see if there’s any cheaper accommodation that you could stay in. Start to ration what you buy and start a new life of microwaved noodles and Tim Tams. Try not to get tempted by the incredible selection of clothes shop in Sydney CBD and maybe stick to chilling out in Bondi Beach for a week or two and just relax on a budget.

It’s important to balance the amount of time you spend on looking for a job and accommodation in Sydney with having a good time and exploring this fascinating city. Check out what there is to do in Sydney in Winter and go out and have some fun!


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