A Guide to Australia’s Outback/Northern Territory

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A trip to Australia’s Outback will be one of the most rewarding road trip you embark on in the Land Down Under but there are essentials to remember. It’s a long road through Northern Territory and there will be little to no people or shops for vast stretches of road. It’s also important to know the must-see hotspots and what to bring for your adventure such as a lot of fly spray, water and petrol. Take these handy hints onboard and get ready for a trip of a lifetime.

Essential Tips to Remember

Ayers Rock, Uluru.jpg

Stock up on water, petrol and food before you head off on the notoriously long drives between the main attractions and cities. The Northern Territory may offer an abundance of sights to see but unfortunately not as many petrol stations or shops. In fact, gas becomes more expensive the closer you get to Uluru and can cost up to $2.17pL. With it being the most expensive part of your journey, you don’t want to make it more than it is.

Bring fly nets. Even when it’s not Summer there will be thousands swarming around your face 24/7. You don’t want to be walking through the desert in crazy hot temperatures needing to take your top off to use as a fly swatter!

There are two types of climate zones in Australia’s Northern Territory, the tropical Top End (Darwin, Katherine Gorge, Kakadu and Arnhem Land) and semi-arid Central Australia (Alice Springs, Tennant Creek, the Barkly Tablelands and Uluru). Depending on what your itinerary entails, it would be worth checking out the weather for the areas you plan to visit before you book it. For example, the temperature can exceed 40C in Central Australia during the Summer months so make sure you’re prepared for extreme weather conditions if that’s when you plan to visit.

Unique Experiences


There are countless unique experiences to embark on in the Outback. Did you know that you can take a helicopter ride and swim in a secluded waterfall or sail into the sky in a hot air balloon while the sunset illuminates the sky? Or how about exploring a Lost City in Kings Canyon or going on a crocodile cruise along the idyllic Adelaide River?

The Tjungu Festival will return to Ayers Rock Resort for the fourth year in a row between 25-29th April 2018 and will be showcasing the best of Australian indigenous culture. The vibrant, cultural festival is a four-and-a-half-day family-friendly event and is free entry for everyone.

While on your trip through the Red Centre of Australia, make your way to the Field of Light Uluru, an outdoor light gallery with over 50,000 solar lights and Parrtjima, Australia’s only Aboriginal-inspired light festival. If you’re a golf lover, head to the Alice Springs golf course which is ranked in the top ten desert courses in the world. And if you’re not afraid of the dark, make a stop at the world’s largest desert nocturnal house at the Alice Springs Desert Park.

Natural Wonders in the Outback

Kakadu National Park.jpg

There are plenty of natural wonders to explore in the Outback so it’s time to get your hiking boots on! Both Kakadu and Litchfield National Park are a short drive from Darwin and feature stunning waterfalls, natural swimming pools and walking trails. The Finke Gorge National Park is a lush oasis with breath-taking scenery and bush walking trails and is worth a few days visit. Or why not try your hand at camel trekking in the Simpson Desert? A lot of the national parks have camping grounds and are a suitable alternative for accommodation for a small price.

A few cans of insect spray is highly recommended while walking through the bush in Northern Territory national parks. Horseflies and mosquitoes will be out in force especially when it gets cooler in the evenings. A lot of water is also very necessary and a fully charged phone with a map application installed such as Google Maps.

Have fun and be safe!


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