Sydney in Seconds

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My first port of call in Australia is the buzzing city of Sydney with its towering bridge, glittering harbour, iconic Opera House and overlooking Blue Mountains. It is a shoppers paradise with many streets lined with shopping centres, high end brands and smaller, quirky stores. During my three day stay in Sydney, I threw my runners on each day and walked everywhere – the best way to see the city! I tried to fit in as much as I could before I left the glittering city and made my way to the surfing paradise of Bondi Beach. If you find yourself in this incredible place, here are the must do’s!

Walk over Sydney Bridge


Huge in size and the best place for views of Sydney, a walk over the bridge is a must do. There is the option of walking along the very top of the bridge, a daring excursion not designed for the faint hearted or a low budget but is worth it if you have a tolerance for heights and are willing to shell out approximately $350 AUD per person. Explore the city on foot before or after you walk the bridge, specifically Darling Harbour and Hyde Park – both are lovely areas to explore and chill out in!

Get the Ferry to Manly Beach

Take the Manly Ferry from Sydney Harbour to Manly Beach and top up your tan with spectacular ocean and city views in front of you. There is nothing more relaxing than chilling out on a white sandy beach after spending a day weaving through the shops and busy streets of the city. You can catch the ferry from the harbour regularly and it should only take 30 minutes to get there for the cost of $5 AUD. There are a few vibrant bars close to the beach where you can enjoy a cool beer and funky cocktail in the shade.

Visit the Sydney Opera House


One of the most iconic visuals of Sydney, the Opera House is one of the most complex buildings in the world of architecture and is worth paying a visit to. It’s situated in Sydney Harbour and is accessible on foot, by taxi or you can take one of the city bikes and cycle from your starting point. From the opera house, you can explore Luna Park and have a picnic with your friends and loved ones underneath the silhouette of Sydney Bridge.

Go for a Hike!


The Blue Mountains, Botanical Gardens and Sydney National Park all offer walking trails and hikes that cater for all levels. The Blue Mountains is accessible by train from Sydney City and requires a low to medium level of fitness. Go for an easy pace stroll around the Botanical Gardens located beside the Sydney Opera House and expand your knowledge on trees, plants and birds. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, head for Sydney National Park and visit the Figure of 8 pools. Make sure to visit the pools at low tide or you face putting yourself in serious danger!


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