24 Hours in Santa Clara, Cuba

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Our travels in Cuba brought us from Trinidad to Santa Clara for one day and night, a quirky town with strong vibes of liberation and self expression. During the 24 hours we spent in here, we immersed ourselves in the history of Che Guevara which wasn’t hard to do as it was the eve of his 50th anniversary. The President of Cuba was due to arrive the following day to make a speech to thousands of onlookers and banners lined the streets announcing his arrival. The town of Santa Clara was on a high and the energy in the air the night before the big day was electric.

Che Guevera’s Mausoleum


Santa Clara is the most poignant city in Cuba to remember the legendary guerrillero fighter, Che Guevara as it was here that he finally defeated the Batista regime and brought freedom to Cuba. We visited the magnificent Che Guevara Mausoleum which towered over the hundreds of empty seats ready for the President’s speech the following day. Unfortunately, the memorial which currently holds Che’s remains and those of his fellow combatants who accompanied him during an attempted armed uprising in Bolivia was closed.

Casa El Castillito


The casa particular that we stayed in was colourful, vibrant and our host José and his wife were more than accommodating. They cooked us dinner and breakfast, both of which were enormous feasts that we tried hard to but couldn’t finish and the quality of the food for a small price was very high. I would highly recommend staying here if you are looking for a casa in Santa Clara.

Calle Cespedes No. 65-A
Entres las calles Maceo u Union
Phone number: 042292671
Price: 30 CUC per room per night (can hold up to three people)


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