The Alluring Charm of Carcassonne

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The rolling green hills, vast vineyards and tiny medieval villages give Carcassonne an old age feel with a charming twist. Rushing streams and lazy rivers shadowed by gargantuan swinging trees offer refuge to birds and wildlife in the scorching summer heat. During my visit to this romantic region tucked away in Southern France, I stayed in a beautiful chateau in the tiny village of Pennautier. It was the perfect location for a tranquil, relaxing few days of Français bliss. If we weren’t cooling down by the pool, popping open a bottle of French vino or conversing with the locals (the few that there was), we were out exploring the surrounding area.

La Cité in Carcassonne from afar, looks like something out of a Disney story book and it’s even better up close. The medieval, fortified city consists of tiny, steep alleyways aligned with small boutique shops, cafes and restaurants with to-die-for French cuisine waiting to be devoured. With every twist and turn, you feel like you’re walking back in time and the ambience is so alluring it takes your breath away. If we wanted to head up to the hustle and bustle of La Cité, a short taxi ride would pick us up in Pennautier and drop us at the foot of the hill and we would begin the ascent up to the towering citadel. The sheer magnitude of the city walls and fortifications is enough to make you stand with your jaw wide open and the country-scape views are stunning. Make sure you bring your camera fully charged!

Check out some of my photos below and if you would like to share your experiences of Carcassonne, I would love to read them in the comments below or on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


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