Travel Vaccinations for Australia, Cuba & Asia

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Did you know there is a global shortage of the Hepatitis A vaccine? I booked an appointment with the Talbot Clinic last week and quickly realised the process of getting my jabs would be far from smooth. Not only did I learn that you must get the Hepatitis B in three courses but also it would be hard to get my hands on a Hepatitis A vaccine. The vaccines that I was able to get cost me €160 altogether and I will need to go back for more right before I head off to Cuba at the end of September.

Here is what I’ve got so far (and no, it doesn’t hurt):

  • Tetanus/Diphtheria (recommended for Australia)
  • Hepatitis B (optional for all countries)
  • Typhoid (recommended for Asia & Cuba)

There is a slight chance that Irish clinics will have re-stocked with Hepatitis A (recommended for Asia & Cuba) by the end of September so I will try the Tropical Medical Bureau and Talbot Clinic once again in a few weeks. If I can’t get it in Ireland I will have to seek out a clinic in Cuba or Australia! After you get your shots, make sure your doctor gives you a small yellow booklet documenting exactly what you got and ensure it gets stamped!


Other optional vaccines for the countries I am planning on visiting:

  • Rabies (optional for Cuba & Asia)
  • Cholera (optional for Cuba)
  • Japanese encephalitis (optional for Australia & Asia)

I can’t imagine anything worse than falling sick whilst abroad with possible language barriers, minimum medical help and hefty hospital bills to top it all off. Don’t be silly, get your jabs! If you have any questions or additional tips for fellow travellers, leave a comment below or on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages!


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